Cambodia | 3 Days in Koh Rong

17/03/2018 – 20/03/2018

After going to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, I headed over to Koh Rong, an island near Sihanoukville. I had heard many great things about the island, and it had been a long time since I’d been to a beach so I was very excited.

Day 1

The day started off pretty well when I got the bus to Sihanoukville which went without a hitch, but that was where my good luck ended. To get to Koh Rong I needed to get a ferry, but I was staying at a hostel called Inn the woods, that wasn’t on the main pier, so they said to go to a local pier and catch the slow boat there. I got a bike to the pier and met a girl that was going to the same place. The boat was meant to leave at 3 but didn’t leave until 5 but I thought fine, at least I’m on and soon I’ll be where I’m meant to be.

Waiting to get the slow boat

The boat got into the pier at Koh Rong, and we see it’s the wrong pier, and the furthest away one from where we were meant to be. When we got off we asked about how to get to the right one, they said that because it was night the only way to get there was by private boat and because it was Chinese New Year the boat was $50. I thought nooo way as I was only meant to be staying in that place for one night, so thought I would just book another room on the main pier instead. Nope, all the rooms were fully booked so with no other choice me and this girl split the cost of a private boat. Again I thought fine, at least I’m on and soon I’ll be where I’m meant to be.

But there was another obstacle, we finally got to the hostel and they said they were fully booked and don’t have either of our reservations, which we booked separately at different times directly through their website. I was pretty pissed off that this point and it took guy on the desk a long time to organise himself but eventually he agreed to ‘let’ us stay. We also told him about how we got the boat they told us to get and it went to the wrong place, and he was like ‘oh yeah that boat doesn’t run on Chinese New Year’, which would have been nice to know.. What an ordeal.

Just a cute lil fella

Day 2

After a less than ideal day the day before I checked out ASAP. I headed to coconut beach for a while which was stunning. It had the whitest sand and clearest water and hardly any people.

Later on I got the boat transfer over to Koh Touch, the main pier. I was planning on staying there for the rest of my time on Koh Rong. The main pier was not so nice and the place I was staying in was a bit grim. I went to Police Beach for a bit which was nice because it was quieter than the rest of the island. In typical style I got so sunburnt I had to head back inside! Later on I met some girls and we went for dinner and drinks. I had a roast dinner for the first time in 7 months and it was amazing.

40506795172_c08314086f_o (1)
Coconut beach

Day 3

I had been looking forward to this day because I was going on the Adventure Adam boat tour.  I’d read sooo many great reviews about it. However, it was not the best day for a boat trip because the water was really choppy.  We were meant to have this really full itinerary but because the sea was bad we couldn’t do much. We spent a lot of time stalling and not knowing where to go next. What we did do was okay. But disappointing compared to what we should have done and not great for the price. We went to a lot of touristy beaches and it was so sad to see how trash filled they were.

But on the bright side we went to long beach at sunset and it was beautiful and pretty untouched. On the way back we also got out of the boat to go swimming with the bioluminescent plankton. I can’t remember the science behind it but basically when it’s dark and you swim in the sea there are loads of little sparkles and it’s super cool.

When you meet a girl with the same name, same age, from the same place, also teaching in Asia!

The next morning I left early to go to Koh Rong Samloem. Koh Rong was not my favourite place but I had fun still. It was just a bit touristy and not really for me; I probably should have known it wasn’t my kind of thing. But all is not lost, because I loved the next island, which will be up next.

Have you ever been to Koh Rong? Or been disappointed by a place?

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