Vietnam | 2 Days in Ninh Binh

27/03/2018 – 29/03/2018

The week after I went to Sapa I took myself on another little break to Ninh Binh, a place that had been on my must-see list for a while. King Kong was even filmed there, so I thought I had to see the incredible scenery for myself.

Day 1

I’ve heard Ninh Binh being referred to as ‘Ha Long Bay on land’ and it’s easy to see why as the karst formations (which I’ve learnt is a fancy way of saying the particular rock formations found there) are everywhere you look. I arrived early afternoon and my first point of call was the Tam Coc boat tour, which was a stones throw away from where I was staying. The boat ride wasn’t nearly as touristy as I was expecting, I guess I just got there at the right time, and it was really stunning. I did have to be an awkward turtle though and find a stranger to share with because the boats only go with two people in them!

Next I walked to Bich Dong Pagoda as it was only about a thirty minute walk through the rice paddies. It was nice enough but not as spectacular as I was expecting, and you can see far better views in other places and there are more impressive pagodas in Ninh Binh.

Day 2

On my second day in Ninh Binh I did something that was quite brave for me and I rented a bike… a bicycle that is! This is a big feat for me (but not for Vietnamese children) because I cannot stand the roads and traffic here. But the roads were perfect for cycling as the area is relatively flat and the roads are wide and generally quiet. I got a little lost on the way and cycled through some very rocky rice paddies but that was all part of the fun, and I had to stop to check I was going in the right direction every five seconds so I probably could have walked there faster but I eventually made my way to Hang Mua peak.

The caves were nothing special and I just kinda glanced in, it was more about the view from the peak. It was a sweaty climb to the top but the 360 views over Tam Coc made it all worth it. It was a bit misty but so green!

Next I cycled to Trang An to go on yet another boat tour. I enjoyed the Tam Coc one the day before and I had heard that this one was even better. I had to find some random people to share it with again but they were nice. The Trang An tour is meant to be a lot less touristy in comparison to the Tam Coc one, but unfortunately I didn’t experience that because we ended up following a bus load of tourists. It’s cool though because you get to pick which route to go on (we picked route 2) and stop off at a pagoda and Skull Island in the middle. And they seemed a lot more official and didn’t ask for tips or try to make you buy something from a hawker.

After I went back for a late lunch. I’d cycled about 20km that day and I didn’t know how further my little legs could take me. Then I went to Thung Nham bird park which was so quiet and peaceful, I hardly saw anyone else. There are many birds but also caves and other things such as the thousand year old tree.

When I got back to the homestay there was a family dinner going on and there was so much food, and of course lots of homemade rice wine!

Overall, I loved Ninh Binh and would love to go back to explore the further out areas like Van Long and Cuc Phuong. It’s such a beautiful, laid back place and my favourite part was probably just cycling around and taking in the views.

Have you ever been to Ninh Binh? What did you think?

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