Malaysia | 2 Days in the Cameron Highlands

30/04/2018 – 03/05/2018

After visiting Malaysia back in November I knew I wanted to come back to see more. There was something about it I just loved; the food is great, the people are so friendly, it’s easy to get around, I could go on. I got off the plane so happy to be back and excited to be spending a week in such an amazing (and underrated!) county.

Day 1

Great food alert! Unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Vietnamese food that much. I feel like I’m missing something with how everyone raves about it, but I don’t get it. Malaysia on the other hand, has the best food. We started the day off right with tea and scones for breakfast.

Interesting decor at the Rose Centre

After hiring a motorbike (lucky for me Izzy can drive!) we were greeted by a lovely long windy road with almost no traffic and sane drivers.. until we got ourselves in the worst traffic jam; we weren’t used to so many cars! We crept along until we got to the Rose Centre, which we actually thought was Rose Valley until we got out and saw the actual Rose Valley, why does everything in the Cameron Highlands has the same name? A dog followed us down the road and showed us around the whole centre, it was the cutest thing ever and I grew quite attached.

Very good doggo

Next we went to the Time Tunnel, which was a weird little place with some very random stuff in it, but there were some cool things and it wasn’t expensive to visit.

We had been looking forward to strawberry picking so we went to the Big Red Strawberry Farm. The cafe there sells strawberry flavoured everything and it was fantastic. But disappointingly they weren’t doing strawberry picking!

Time Tunnel

After re-fuelling with strawberry flavoured treats we went to Thompson Falls. The waterfall is a short walk away from the road and is nice enough but nothing special and I don’t think it’s a must-do.

That evening I had the best Indian EVER. Did I say how much I loved the food in Malaysia?

Thompson Falls

Day 2

For our second day in Malaysia we booked ourselves onto a full day tour with Eco Cameron Travel* that went to the BOH tea plantations and factory, mossy forest, and on a hike.

First we stopped at the picturesque rolling tea plantations to take some pictures of the views and our guide explained a little bit about the tea. BOH is the number one tea brand in Malaysia, but our guide wasn’t doing a very good job at convincing us to buy any. He was saying how the quality is much lower than other countries because they don’t handpick the tea leaves (like the do in countries such as Vietnam).

Beautiful views over the tea plantations

Next up was the Mossy Forest, which is actually closed to give time for the moss to grow back (they don’t tell you that when you book the tour!) so the walk is only partially accessible.

We quickly went to the tea factory to see how the tea is made and had a break there before going on a hike. Our guide took us on Jungle Walk number 5 which wasn’t too challenging and took a couple of hours to complete.


After our tour we went to Mardi botanical gardens, which was a relaxing place to sit and round the day off.

Moss spotting in Mossy Forest

The Cameron Highlands are a nice place to chill for a couple of days, and eat all the scones and drink all the tea. Make sure you appreciate the cool weather before you venture to other areas in Malaysia! Next stop: Penang.

Cameron Highlands.png

If you want to see more photos of my travels you can check out my Flickr

*Although I think that all the tours are probably the same, I don’t really know why this tour company has such good ratings. The tour guide was fine but not great and it was expensive. The tour was also advertised as 8 hours but it was more like 5 and a half hours. This was including an hour for lunch which wasn’t included in the price (and the guide didn’t take us to a restaurant for, just told us to eat at the tea factory but they only served cake).


  1. This brings back memories of my trip to the Cameron highlands. It’s a shame that your tour wasn’t the best but it looks like a great day still. I loved it the tea plantations, so beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you packed a lot into a few days. Sounds like a great adventure. I feel the opposite to you. Love Vietnamese food and wasn’t all that fond of Malaysian food! I guess we all have our tastes. Thanks for sharing this!

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