9 Things to do in Bangkok

04/06/2018 – 08/06/2018

At the beginning of June I flew out to Bangkok to visit a friend and I stayed with her family. As this wasn’t my usual kind of trip I’m doing this post a little differently and listing some of my favourite things I did. So in no particular order here they are:

Perhaps Rabbits

I went here from the airport and it was my first delve into the cute cafe scene in Bangkok, it seems like there are many! Come here if you want to feel like you’ve fell down the rabbit hole.. and the deserts aren’t bad either!

Hello Kitty Cafe

So bad but so good… Tacky but a must! Although it’s not for the sound sensitive people, they play the same annoying Hello Kitty song on repeat.

Chatachak Park

Away from the noise and traffic this park is a breath of fresh air in the concrete jungle that is Bangkok.

Erawan National Park

Not technically Bangkok, but a day trip away. Erawan waterfall has seven tiers of beautiful blue water and nibble-y fish. That’s what I’m calling them anyway, they swarm your feet as soon as you get in. It takes one to two hours to get to the top, and the track becomes increasingly difficult. But it’s not too much of a challenge and the seventh tier is definitely worth it!

Khao San Road

No trip to Bangkok would be complete without a trip to Khao San Road! It’s pretty much the same as any of the bar streets in South East Asia but it is big. The 100 baht buckets and ‘I love cunt’ woven bracelets were a highlight.

Khao san road buckets

Thai Massage

My first ever Thai Massage experience was amazing; I want one again already! I selected soft – normal because I didn’t want to be beaten up too badly, and it was perfect. I had it at a place called At Ease and it was affordable and professional.

Just enjoying life in a freezing waterfall

Rod Fai Night Market

Rod Fai night market is a huuuuge market that takes place Thursday to Sunday. It has everything you could imagine and more including clothes, bars and collectables. At first glace it was a bit of a letdown, but as we explored further we fell in love with it. The best part is the vintage part at the back that has collectable and junk shops. With the vintage cars and memorabilia it was like another world and didn’t feel like Bangkok at all.

Wat Arun

I had a bit of a disaster at the grand palace, Wat Pho was okay, but Wat Arun really stole the show. It’s so much quieter than the other temples. At the Grand Palace I felt claustrophobic with the amount of tourists! But Wat Arun was more peaceful and equally as beautiful.

Cabbages and Condoms

You heard that right… Cabbages and Condoms is a restaurant with a sexual health theme, designed to raise awareness and acceptance of family planning. It comes complete with condom decorations and after dinner condoms instead of mints!

Condom lanterns

Overall, I actually loved Bangkok! I know there are so many stunning islands to visit in Thailand so Bangkok is generally skipped over, but Bangkok is amazing for a city break. These are just a few of the things I did, and there is so much more to explore.

Have you ever been to Bangkok? Did you visit any of the places on this list?

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  1. That food market looks cool – different from other places I’ve seen too!

    Ahh I want to go to Thailand so bad, will definitely be adding some of these places to my list. Thanks chick Xx

  2. I didn’t know the Hello Kitty cafe reached Bangkok already! I was sad I had to skip it in Taipei but glad I could try it in my upcoming trip to Bangkok.

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