Life Update: I’ve Moved to Hanoi

I’ve moved to Hanoi!

Remember when I said I didn’t want to move to a big city? Well I’ve done a 180 and moved to Hanoi. Don’t ask me why, I just did a typical me and had a complete change of heart.

Why I moved

I did enjoy living in Thai Nguyen. It was peaceful and chilled and I had a nice apartment. I had time to pursue hobbies and had a great schedule that meant I could fit a lot of travelling in. There also wasn’t a whole lot to do so I could save a lot of money, plus I got a good bonus for staying. But after eight months of the quiet life, I was desperate for more fun! I felt like I was missing out a little bit and wanted to get out there more.

vietnamese food
Yummy homemade Vietnamese food

Last classes and things I’ll miss

I can’t lie, I was sad to leave a lot of my classes (and not so sad to leave others!). I had a lot of my classes for eight months so I’d really gotten to know my students, and had some really sweet ones. I will also miss all of my colleagues that I had at my centre.

Saying goodbye to my classes

As mentioned earlier, I’ll miss the peace and quiet. Life was very chilled and not hectic at all. The traffic in Thai Nguyen was a lot nicer than Hanoi!

My schedule here in Hanoi is also a lot more spread out over the course of the week, which allows me less opportunity for travel. I know I’m definitely not going to save as much money a I did in Thai Nguyen either, as there’s just too much to do here and it’s too tempting!

esl classes
My cute students

Moving in and what I’ve been up to

I actually moved here a month or so but I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected this blog. I’ve moved into a shared house in a location that I love, I’m a fifteen minute walk away from my office! I’m living in Ba Dinh, which is a tiny bit more Vietnamese then Tay Ho where a lot of other expats live, but it works for me.

matcha waffle
Wanna Waffle?

I wanted to hit the ground running so made myself as busy as possible straight away! I’ve been doing a lot of exercise classes. I found a great yoga studio that’s within walking distance of my house, and offered an amazing three day trial. I then signed up for kickboxing classes and have been going there three times a week. I’m not great at it but I’ve been loving trying something new. As I work evenings it’s been giving me a structure to my days which I love too.

I’ve also been taking advantage of all the beauty treatments Hanoi has to offer. I had eyelash extensions for the first time in my life – I actually had them twice, first they were for free from a beauty school and a bit questionable! I had some amazing nails done, and I even had my eyebrows microbladed!

Pisces nails
Love my Pisces inspired nails!

I’m also lucky that I met a great group of girls, so I’ve been out for a lot of drinks and eaten some great food. Remember how I said I’ve been spending a lot of money?

What’s next

There’s a long weekend coming up in Vietnam for independence day. I only get three days off, but I couldn’t resist booking a holiday. I was looking to go to Da Lat because I’ve been itching to go but haven’t had the chance yet, but flights were super expensive for such a short flight, and I’ve heard that Vietnam will be super busy on the holidays, so I decided against it.

cacti by the window
Got myself some plant babies for my new room

I went with the cheapest flights and although it wasn’t my first choice, I’m super excited now. I’m going to Singapore! It’s not really a place I ever thought about much, but the more I’ve been looking into it the happier I am with my decision to go. I’m looking forward to some fresh air and eating all the hawker food!

My plan had always been to finish teaching when my contract is up in November and go travelling. But now I’m enjoying living in Hanoi I don’t know how long I want to stay! I don’t love love love teaching so it won’t be forever, but maybe a couple of months longer as long as I’m still having fun.

Stay tuned for my next post on Singapore!

Moving to Hanoi
Moving to Hanoi

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