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Top 10 Things to do in Singapore

01/09/2018 – 04/09/2018

I had a quick three days off for Independence Day in Vietnam. After searching through Skyscanner and finding mostly overpriced flights, I finally settled on Singapore. And I’m so glad I did! I wasn’t originally on the look out for a city but it turned out to be a nice much needed break from Vietnam.

Future World – Art Science Museum

Okay so this exhibit is actually more for children, the sales assistant even warned me. But I’d seen all of the pictures and I was determined to go! And even though at some points it felt a bit weird to be walking around as a solo woman with children running around, it was still really cool. It was kind of expensive if you’re on a budget but a lot of work has gone into it.

Marina Bay Sands

The whole area is just nice to walk around, especially at night. The light show goes on every evening and it’s pretty cool (and free!). Singapore is so chilled and feels really safe when walking around at night, which is nice when you travel on your own. It’s a world away from Vietnam!

Marina bay sands

Supertree Grove

I went in the day time and night, the night was definitely the best. Don’t miss the light show! I’d say this light show is more impressive than the Marina Bay one but they’re both worth going to. And again – free! Singapore isn’t always so expensive.

supertree grove

Hawker Food

Singapore is known for being expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. I ate all of my meals at hawker centres and never paid more than 5 SGD for a meal! As I’ve aid previously, I sometimes find it intimidating going to local/street food places, even though I love trying local food. But in hawker centres it’s super easy, the prices and menu is there in English. And the food is amazing. I recommend Lau Pa Sat hawker centre  in particular. It’s more like a fancy indoor market than a canteen!

hawker food

Chinatown Heritage Centre

I was really tired and I almost didn’t go to the Chinatown Heritage Centre, but I’m glad I pulled myself around. Attractions in Singapore are pretty expensive but I think at 15 SGD this one was worth it as I learnt so much about Singapore and it’s history. It’s basically a restored shop house and living quarter that shows the lives of the people that made Chinatown their home in the 1950s. They were the people who fled China to find a better lives in Singapore and it shows the plight they went through.

chinatown heritage centre

Little India

I’m on the fence about Little India. I think it’s definitely worth visiting but I don’t know how much I enjoyed it. I went on a Sunday (which I was later told was the worst day) and it was so super busy with gangs of men everywhere. I think it just took me by surprise because it was so different from the rest of Singapore. I think I would have felt more comfortable if I was dressed more modestly but that was my fault. There’s some nice murals and shops to see, but I didn’t really make the most of it.

singapore little india street art

Cloud Forest

Another attraction I think was well worth the money. The cloud forest is a conservatory in the Gardens by the Bay with exotic flowers and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. And it’s absolutely beautiful! It also has to be kept cold to mimic mountain temperatures so if the Singaporean heat is getting to you this could be a good place to spend an hour or two.

Har Paw Villa

Another freebie. This place is really odd but definitely worth the visit. It’s a bit out of the way but easily reachable by bus or MRT. The grounds feature traditional and mythological Chinese sculptures. The most prominent part is the Ten Courts of Hell that feature some interesting sculptures, pictures below…

Arab Quarter

My hostel was in the Arab Quarter so I spent a bit of time there. It has a beautiful mosque and some really cool shops. I may or may not have spent all of my left over dollars on some perfume oil from this boutique there. Haji lane is a vibey little street with some amazing street art and bars.

Bugis Street

Finally, some budget shopping in the land of designer shopping malls. Bugis street is a kind of indoor market that sells everything from electronics to clothes. However, be warned, it is like a maze inside. I didn’t end up buying anything because when I tried to go back to a stall I couldn’t remember where it was!

Bonus: Eat Kaya Toast

I’ve had kaya once before and decided that I loved it and had to have it everyday for breakfast whilst I was in Singapore. Kaya is just coconut jam I believe, basically just sugar, and it’s served on toast with soft-boiled eggs for dipping. I tried to bring a jar home with me forgetting that I couldn’t take it in my carry on and got it confiscated, it was very sad. Now I’m on the hunt for it in Hanoi!

kaya toast

So there you have it. My favourite things I did in Singapore. Overall, I enjoyed Singapore a lot more than I thought I would, and I’d definitely go back (especially if I had more money!). Is there anything I’ve missed off this list?

Top 10 Things to do in Singapore

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