Vietnam Life Update

Since moving to Hanoi I’ve been failing at blogging. I always intend to do a post for every place I go but I’ve been on a couple of trips and I’ve not managed to get anything up about them yet. But instead of stressing about it I’m just going to lump all of my Vietnam updates into one quick post.

I moved house

About six weeks ago I moved into my new apartment. I was previously living in a room in a shared house and decided that I’d had enough of shared houses for now so started looking for a one bed place. It wasn’t an easy find but I managed to find a great place that’s right by the lake and within walking distance of work so I’m pretty happy. I actually love living on my own, especially not having to share a bathroom or kitchen! I’ve loved buying all the plants and cushions to make my apartment cosy.

Ha Long bay

I had some time off work and didn’t know where to go. My friend was over in Hanoi and heading to Ha Long so I decided to tag along. I’ve already been to Cat Ba before so this trip was just for fun. We went on a boat tour with Ha Long Hideaway. It was kind of a party boat but nothing too crazy. We spent the first day getting to our private island and the next day kayaking (which is not fun hungover). I’d recommend them if you’re looking to party, but not really if you’re wanting to do loads of activities. We just went for one night, but I think if I had more time I definitely would have gone for two.


I still had a couple of days off and didn’t know where to go again so I returned to Sapa. This time I was alone and ended up going on a private tour (which I accidentally booked) with Sapa O’Chau. They’re more expensive than some but they seem like a really ethical organisation so I wanted to support them. I went on a two day Red Dao trek and my guide was lovely. The first day our trek was about 14km and the second day was about 10km. The homestay was great and I even got to experience a herbal bath.

I’m leaving Vietnam

And I’m so excited! I will definitely be sad when it comes to leaving but I’ve definitely had enough of teaching. Maybe I’ll return to it towards the end of next year, but for now I definitely want a long break.

When I came to Vietnam August 2017 I had no idea I’d be staying this long, and although I don’t regret any of my time here, I’ve been starting to feel like I’m wasting time a bit and delaying leaving. It’s been an amazing experience but I don’t want to stay in Vietnam or teach forever. I need to move on.

Next Up

I’ve handed my notice in and booked some flights. I’m going to do some travelling before I head home, but not sure quite how long yet. I’m at least planning three months, with flights already booked to Thailand, Myanmar and India. I’m so excited to finally be travelling and not be restricted by work, but I feel like I’ve got a lot to do to get there!

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